Campbell Watt took the time to explain our options without ever talking down to us. We always felt welcome to call or visit, and ask any questions. This was the easiest, most stress-less real estate transaction we’ve ever done.”


“While working, going to school and living out of town, finding the time to locate the right mortgage was difficult. Luckily, Brenda was here for us. Friendly and knowledgeable, she is a very capable and confident mortgage professional. Brenda was available to assist at any hour and answer any question, big or small. Phone calls and emails were always responded to promptly with the information I needed. By taking care of all tasks associated with finding the best rate, she allowed us to focus on choosing the house that was perfect for us. Thank you Brenda!”


“Time was of the essence and [Gayle] far exceeded my expectations. Not only were you very professional, you were very understanding and caring. Thank you so much!”

Kevin Kelbert

Campbell Watt at [DLC] in Penticton BC is a fantastic representative of your company. I am very pleased to have had him working with me and I don’t think I would be in my home if it weren’t for him.”


“I am very happy with the service by Gayle. She satisfied my expectations very well. She is hardworking and very thorough. I recommend her to anyone.”

Majid and Neda

Campbell, leaving it up to you left me with less stress and saved me tons of time, all I had to do was sign papers.”


“As this was a long distance mortgage you made the process painless. I could not have asked for more. Great experience Gayle. Thanks.”


“Gary was very professional and knowledgeable and provided me with all the right information to make the transition smooth. I understand fully what my options were. I would recommend this firm to future clients.”